Leszek Chojnacki - COMPCAD

Leszek Chojnacki

Born: 30.04.1955 in Wroclaw.

After finishing primary school in Wroclaw, he attended to the high school of economic in Wroclaw.

In year 1981 he emigrated to West Germany. After 2 years, I was concede as a political refugee and was granted with political asylum. In Frankfurt am Main I started 3 years of vocational training as a Mechanical Engineer, and graduated with a state exam (IHK).

I gainde my professional experience as a mechanical engineer while working for companies such as „Reimelt” from Rödermark and „HS - Engineering” from Hanau.

After several years of professional practic, I have decided that my professional experience is sufficient to found my own company. I found company and named it Compcad - construction office, in Offenbach am Men. In the nearest future plans of the company development is to expand its business and enter the Polish market by opening an construction office in Wroclaw.

For over 15 years I am workink as a professional constructor. My proffesion necessitates from me working mostly with computer.As a result of an accident, which had happend to me when I was as a child, now I have to operate computer keyboard using only one hand.

To simplify and speed up my work, I have created new concept of ergonomic keybord which is adapted to one-handed use. With this keyboard, thanks to its ergonomic design and adjutment, working has become for me much easier, more convenient and thus - faster.

I called this concept keyboard „Compcad”. My keyboard is a true innovation in the computer hardware. Wynalazek ten pozwala na łatwą i wygodną pracę przy komputerze przy użyciu tylko jednej ręki, co do tej pory było niemożliwe. The invention allows user to easy and comfortable work on a computer with only one hand, which until now was impossible.

The "Compcad" project was registered on 17.03.2008 as the invention in the patent office in Alicante (Spain). Any copy concerns of the product includes all EU countries for a period of 20 years, which protects huge potential selling market.