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Mechanical Engineering

  • Production drawings based on templates or hand sketches:

    • Individual drawings
    • Detail Drawings
    • Assembly drawings
    • BOMs /bill of materials/ and EPLs /equipment parts list/

  • We create design drawings of:

    • Cogs Gears
    • Sealing rings
    • Gearing
    • Ball bearings
    • Gearshifts

We specialize in the preparation of technical drawings, construction, compiled on the basis of hand sketches. We cooperate mainly with companies from the automotive industry.

Balanced production line

Based on the hand sketches, and own measurements, we construct the production lines within DIN standards.

Flow diagrams and detailed drawings of the entire production line mainly for food factories.

Assembly production line

On the basis of measurement data, we are preparing plans of transport lines with regard to the location of each strip, to provide materials and transport of finished products.

Planning, calculateing and create drawings of conveyor belts.

Digitization of data

While complementing and updating archival drawings, we convert them to digital format.