ergonomic keyboard!

The Offer of ergonomically designed keyboards available today is unfortunately limited. None of the models currently available on the market does not fully corresponds to the standards of ergonomics. These models aren't also suited for single-handed operating. Often there are serious defects of the construction, which may result in the occurrence of many diseases in the future among their users.

The analysis of the market and the requirement for ergonomically designed keyboards dedicated to single-handed handling - confirmed that the demand for this type of product is very high, and growing.

presentation of models:

COMPCAD Keyboards are primarily dedicated to users who will use them one-handed. This users will have at their disposal keyboard that is ergonomically tailored, well-fitted, and designed especially for their special needs.

Users of COMPCAD keyboards don't have to strain their arms, they are free to work any amount of time, without fear of paraesthesia of their fingers and hands. The longer work on the computer is no longer tiring. Because the arms and neck are no longer forced to maintain in unnatural positions, and the muscles are relaxed.

COMPCAD keyboards are modern and innovation concept in terms of both design and functionality. They are specially constructed so they could be easily operated using only one hand. Trying to one-handed operate keyboards available on the todays market is very cumbersome and often leads to errors in writting.

COMPCAD Keyboards eliminates these errors and ensure full transparency and much greater convenience, enabling faster and error-free operating.

We offer two basic models of ergonomically designed COMPCAD keyboards: basic and modified; in two versions: right-handed and left-handed.

Now the designing phase and tests are over. Currently we are looking for investors, who may help us start the business. But there is also another possibility: licence selling.

We’re in touch with computer equipment distributors in Europe.

Besides we keep in touch with well-known computer keyboards producers. Our keyboard can go into production in China immediately.

All calculations needed to start first series have been made.

W ofercie firmy COMPCAD mamy dwa podstawowe modele klawiatur ergonomicznych: podstawowy i zmodyfikowany; w dwóch wersjach: praworęcznej i leworęcznej.

Technical description of basic version

Technical description of modified version