ergonomic keyboard!


The use of ergonomically designed keyboard is recommended both for desktop and mobile computers.

Computer keyboard has a major impact on the arrangement of a body. Invalid body position during the longer work on the computer can lead to permanent damages of users posture and hands and joints injuries.

Medical researches conducted on this matter allowed to establish that while working on a computer, most stressed parts of a human body are elbows joints and wrists, and thus they are most vulnerable to injuries resulting from improper posture when using the keyboard.


Ergonomy is the scientific discipline which improves adaptation of work environment and tools to the psycho-physical capabilities of human bodies. Its goal is to humanised work through such organization of the man - machine - environment configuration to achieve the lowest posiible biological cost and highest possible efficiency, which is achieved, among others, by eliminating sources of occupational diseases. Ergonomy is interdisciplinary science.

Ergonomic keyboards are the best possible solution to problems arising from the use of outdated, inadequate and inconvenient keyboards. The main task of the ergonomic keyboards is to improve working conditions of human and best possible cooperation with user.

Ergonomic keyboards are the best keyboards for people.

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presentation of modes:

COMPCAD keyboards are modern and innovation concept in terms of both design and functionality. They are specially constructed so they could be easily operated using only one hand. Trying to one-handed operate keyboards available on the todays market is very cumbersome and often leads to errors in writting. COMPCAD Keyboards eliminates these errors and ensure full transparency and much greater convenience, enabling faster and error-free operating.

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