ergonomische Computertastaturen!

Technical specifications of Le2 and Re2 models.

Computer keyboards COMPCAD models Le2 and re2 are conceptual keyboards, ergonomically constructed and designed for one-and-handling.

Computer Keyboard COMPCAD Le2.

The advantages of this keyboard is ergonomic construction which allows user to reach all basic combinations of keys with only one hand. The construction of the keyboard is matched exactly to the left hand.

Computer Keyboard COMPCAD re2.

This is the model with has the same parameters as the structural model Le2, with the difference that it is exactly matched to the right hand. Additional advantage of models Le2 and Re2 is the numerical keypad, so that people who make use of this part (accounting, secretaries) had even simplier access.

structural futures of models Le2 i Re2:

The keyboards of the COMPCAD series come in an attractive and practical housing. The extremely robust plastic housing made of polystyrene is ideal for rugged environments.

Keyboards are plug and play with USB.
The silicone keypad of the “COMPCAD” series has an alphanumeric layout with 113 keys, based on a standard PC keyboard. A number pad and the cursor control keys are arranged separately from the main keypad.
The keypad is very compact. Due to the high-quality contact pills, the keyboard is very reliable, ideal for industrial applications.
Custom printing and layouts are available for the keypad.
The layout of the “COMPCAD” matches that of a standard Windows keyboard.